Friday, January 12, 2001

Candy Shop Tasty Treats Actions

Here our my first free actions! These are all my basic everyday actions. They are all adjustable to your taste and can be used in both elements and photoshop. Hope you enjoy and like always if you use my actions on your photo's please be kind and credit me. Also stop back often as i hope to have more actions coming soon thanks!

IMG_1477_Original IMG_1477_BMU_ActionIMG_1477_BMU_CPCS_ActionIMG_1477_BMU_CPCS_LB_ActionIMG_1477_BMU_CPCS_DB_Action

Download Link: Candy Shop Tasty Treats Actions


  1. I like some of your actions. Thought I knew how to use them. I was able to download the actions. Just not able to run it. When I get to dark burn it stops. Maybe you can fill in this newbie on how to run them. Thanks

  2. Actually. That is another action. There is a total of 3 actions in this set. You will have to flatten your image once you are done running one action before you can run the dark burn action. To do that all you need to do is go to layer - merge layers and then go back to the action menu and select dark burn and press play.Hope this helps. Also i will make instructions and put them on my blog to make them easier to use.